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Packaged gas systems are gaining popularity in the industrial gas sector as the scope of application is growing year by year in emerging markets worldwide. As a lot of the industrial clients require a packaged gas solution, there is a need to offer quality and industry compliant products. MMO, a Unique group company, is providing excellence in the industry packaged gas solutions and caters to diverse clients in the oil and gas industry. It also offers various marine diving equipments and gas storage solutions to serve the requirements and industry demand for the same in the form of packaged gas and industry solutions. With the expertise and satisfactory response from a list of reputed clients, it is no surprise that MMO is emerging as a leader in the competitive market.

This blog features various aspects of the sphere and perspective of the gas industry market in the country.

Industrial Leadership: Why Industry Considers Us as a Leader

Being a leading supplier in the industrial sector for various industries, the full range of products and services are not just limited to specific names and defined industries. The organisation has diversified its products and services in line with industrial innovation, which makes MMO an industry. Here are some aspects which describe our capability of serving the industry requirements.

Extensive Experience: Meeting Industrial Demands

MMO boasts of a vast experience of more than offering solutions to meet the industrial demands for various industries like- oil and gas, diving petrochemical, defence, marine industry, etc. The packaged gases not only offer cost-saving methodologies for the organisations operating in these sectors but also enable them to use it readily in a variety of applications such as welding, under-water construction operations, medical and chemical usages, metal fabrication, etc. To meet the growing demand, essential gas storage equipment with safe and reliable technology can offer viable packaged gas solutions.

Packaged Gas Solution: Serving to Diverse Oil & Gas Industry

The packaged gases are usually stored through various chemical methodologies, mostly limiting it down the shallow temperature or in the liquid state so that it becomes viable to transport it for the on-shore and off-shore purposes. These can be easily transported on containers and trucks with a lesser chance of risks and hazards. It ensures quality and safety measures as per the international industrial standards. The diving equipment and cylinders are specially designed to make it safe for transportation purposes.

MMO is capable of delivering packaged gases in high-pressure cylinders for crucial industrial gases such as Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, etc. These gases are mostly used in the application for metal fabrication and in diving industries where there is a high requirement of these gases to ensure under-water operations without the scope of any errors. As these packaged gases compliments with specialised equipment, these are quite reliable and safe for broad industrial purposes. The MMO Group already have the capability and required experience to deliver the best options with varying packaging needs for different types of gases.

Best In Class Industrial Innovation

The industrial innovation is the part of the process for growth- ensuring international compliances for safety and adhering to DNV design guidelines for all kinds of gas storage equipment for various gases. It not only ensures reliability in terms of hazard-free transportation and operations but also enables added trust in the minds of reputed clientele from all over the world.

In terms of talking about automated segmentation of packaged gases, the different industrial and diving gases offer various specifications for proper industrial use and application. It also features different chemical combinations and properties. MMO offers all types of industrial and packaged gases in DNV Gas Quads and Bundles.

Conclusion: Industrial Experience Enabling Optimised Growth

MMO is an organisation which brings diverse experience in the industrial sector, covering almost every part of the globe to serve with the essential needs and demands for the emerging segments and not just limited to oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and defence, etc. Having the expertise in delivering solutions for industrial growth in large volumes; it is becoming a need for every organisation in these sectors to join hands for optimised growth.

Leading supplier of Diving and Industrial Gases, Gas Storage Equipment, Portable Gas Filling Plants and LNG-CNG Equipment to the oil and gas industry.