Gas Cylinder Quads For Industrial Use

gas cylinder quads

MMO offers a wide range of Gas Cylinder Quads to diverse industries with specific design and storage requirements. This blog will provide a comprehensive overview of Gas Storage options available in the market.

Several industries such as offshore, marine, and commercial diving require uninterrupted gas supplies at regular intervals to perform crucial operations. In order to safely store these gases, multiple gas cylinders are utilised to meet operational demands with utmost safety and efficiency. As conventional cylinders are clearly short of meeting such demands, the Gas Cylinder Quads are used to cater to industrial demands without any complications. Not only does it enhance the process, but it is time efficient as well.

Gas Cylinder Quads for Industrial Use

Gas Cylinder Quads are beneficial for transporting or using gases in a bulk quantity. Since the Quad setup allows cylinders to be installed and interconnected through a common manifold system, it eases the process to fill gases in bulk whilst allowing industrial units to receive uninterrupted gas supplies. In terms of capacity, one typical gas cylinder in a Quad setup can usually range around 50 liters of the quantity, which may also be customised as per the requirements. Quads are manufactured as per DNV 2.7-1 and certified by DNV.

Industrial Gases: Industrial Gas Cylinder Quads for Various Gases

  1. Argon CO2 Mix Gas Cylinder Quads:

  2. The Argon CO2 mix is used for welding metal structures. Since it supports high-quality manufacturing, this is one of the most used gases in the marine, oil, and manufacturing industries. The Argon CO2 Mix Gas Cylinder Quads are available to be used in offshore as well as onsite fabrication industries with a working capacity of 300 bars.

  3. Heliox, Mix Gas Cylinder Quads:

  4. 300bar Heliox, Mix Gas is widely used in the medical industry and for commercial diving operations. Since it is used as a breathing support system, the gas needs to be supplied continuously without experiencing any failure. The Gas Cylinder Quad can help hospitals, offshore divers, and warehouses to get a continued supply of Heliox breathing gas mixture without any interruptions. It is supplied in a customised quantity and designed as per the needs.

  5. Industrial Oxygen Cylinder Quads:

  6. MMO offers safety assured Industry Oxygen Cylinder Quads for various industries. It can be supplied in 64- or 16-cylinder Quads to meet large-scale industrial demands and requirements. This is one of the most reliable and efficient packaged gas solutions to be used for industrial purposes.

  7. Nitrox & Air Cylinder Quads:

  8. The Nitrox & Air Cylinder Quads or Gas bank is required in the marine industry for diving operations. Experienced engineers working on underwater construction sites might require Nitrox & Air supplies along with other gases to support critical operations.

  9. Nitrogen Cylinder Quads:

  10. 300bar Nitrogen cylinder quads are specifically designed to serve the purpose of nitrogen gas storage along with safe operations in offshore activities in the marine and oil industry. The cylinder quads are available in 16- and 64-cylinder quads specifically designed as per the industrial requirements.

    Salient Features of Cylinder Quads to Store Industrial Gases

    MMO offers Gas Quads to numerous industries ranging from diving, construction, healthcare through to oil and gas plants. In terms of design and safety standards, the Gas Cylinder Quads are manufactured and designed as per DNV2.7-1 and IMCA certification standards, making them highly compliant for safe industrial use. They also feature strong framing based on stainless steel for secured storage and transportation.

    MMO also offers Gas Quads designed & manufactured as per ISO 10961, which is suitable for onsite projects and road transportation.

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