CPAP Ventilator System - How It Helps in Providing Mass Treatment to COVID-19 Patients

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CPAP Ventilator System

The CPAP Ventilator System is a cost-effective solution for the mass treatment of COVID-19 Patients. This blog talks about the information and insights on mass treatment of COVID-19 using CPAP Devices.

The ongoing pandemic has ravaged the lives of many across the world. The lack of medical infrastructure largely contributed to the gravity of the situation. Several countries saw a shortage of ventilators in hospitals, in addition to the availability of beds to treat patients displaying more serious symptoms of the disease. As time progressed, and with the quest to return to normalcy without taking a further toll on lives, various innovations were developed through continuous research. One such innovation is the CPAP Ventilation System that aids in the mass treatment of severely affected covid-19 patients.

Challenges of Ventilator Machines: How CPAP Handles Scenarios in Covid-19

During the initial stages of the pandemic, ventilators were not widely available to treat hundreds and thousands of patients, and such conditions may also arise in the near future. Since the hospitals worldwide were facing a burden, it was difficult for medical equipment manufacturers to deliver high-end ventilation systems in a short period of time. High costs were also a contributing factor in the slow development of ventilators. The CPAP, however, has addressed these challenges and successfully treated patients suffering from COVID ARDS.

Mass Treatment for Covid-19 Patients: Understanding the CPAP Ventilator System

The CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) is a non-invasive pressure ventilation system. Its architecture is specifically designed to allow the patient to inhale a higher percentage of oxygen, which allows the patient’s airway and lungs to absorb greater amounts of oxygen which has a direct and positive therapeutic effect on the patient’s breathing and cardiovascular system, allowing more oxygen to be transported through the body, bolstering the immune system while relieving swelling of the airway system often associated with COVID ARDS.

Viability for Mass Treatment in Covid-19

The CPAP Ventilator system is compact, modular and offers ease of operation. It can be easily set up and maintained well by the hospital staff with minimal training efforts. It is also a very cost-effective solution that can be mass produced in a quick span of time.

The Uni-Life 100, one such CPAP system developed by MMO, is able to address the shortage of ventilators in Africa by allowing rapid distribution to meet the emergency requirements of COVID-19 patients, and thereby, saving lives.

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